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Course Content and Benefits

The Talent Benchstrength E-Learning Platform includes 22 HRCI / SHRM courses covering all aspects of a talent review-succession strategy. Some courses include downloadable handouts.

A subscription (monthly, 6-month or 12-month subscription options) to this E-Learning Platform also includes benefits such as a 1-hour virtual meeting with succession author Doris Sims Spies, and the ability to post discussion questions in the courses. An annual subscription includes Doris' books...The Talent Review Meeting Facilitator's Guide and The 30-Minute Guide to Talent and Succession Management!

Whether you are just starting out, or your organization has been facilitating talent review-succession planning meetings for a while, you will gain a fresh perspective, new ideas and templates to keep things simple while increasing your internal talent benchstrength results!

  • SIX 30-MINUTE OVERVIEW COURSES: Six 30-minute courses covering the concepts of talent review meetings, succession planning, key expert programs, critical positions and high potentials, as well as baseline metrics to gather now. This course bundle is HRCI and SHRM Pre-Approved for 3 re-certification hours.

  • NINE 30-MINUTE PROJECT PLANNING COURSES: Nine 30-minute courses taking you step-by-step through the planning and preparation phases of the talent review meeting process. Multiple downloadable handouts are included with these courses. This course bundle is HRCI and SHRM Pre-Approved for a total of 4.5 re-certification hours.

  • SIX 30-MINUTE TALENT REVIEW MEETING FACILITATION COURSES: Six 30-minute courses focusing on tips and techniques for scheduling, planning, and facilitating effective Talent Reviews. Additionally, post Talent Review action plans are discussed, along with ideas to increase the follow-through of the development action plans for successors and top talent. This course bundle also includes a Mock Talent Review Meeting Role Play, and the course bundle is HRCI and SHRM Pre-Approved for 3 re-certification hours.

  • DOWNLOADABLE HANDOUTS: Eleven downloadable handouts and templates are included with several courses for you to use on the job!

Client Testimonials

Dr. Glen B. Earl

"Doris Sims Spies is a true master of talent reviews and succession planning. Without hesitation, I highly recommend her to any person or any organization that is serious about using best practice and evidence based methodology for succession planning. The best part for me, is that I now have a solid system, structure and process to implement into my organization."

Valeria Hill, SKF Group

“Very practical and valuable information, the content goes from high level strategy of Talent Management and Succession down to practical details."

Scotty Lombardi, Hunter Industries

“Doris is a subject matter expert in Talent Review and Succession Planning Management. Her rich experience, combined with her consultative mindset, makes Doris a trusted resource to students in her workshops and a valuable partner to any organization in enhancing their talent management strategy.”

Barb Astler, MedData

“Doris is the foremost expert in creating true development of talent and maximization of that talent that inspires engagement of people. If you want to learn about excellent tools for building a top performer organization, this course and her materials deliver.”

Delta Emerson

“Doris is clearly a go-to succession, talent bench-strength expert. She has developed a program, process, and materials that go beyond the philosophical approach so often offered."

Course Subscription Options

Choose a monthly, 6-month or annual subscription!

  • Monthly Subscription

    A $299 Monthly Subscription per participant provides access to all 22 Talent Review-Succession E-Learning Courses (each course averages 30 minutes), plus all downloadable handouts, and a 1-hour virtual consulting session with Doris Sims Spies, author of The Talent Review Meeting Facilitator's Guide and The 30-Minute Guide to Talent and Succession Management.

  • 6-Month or Annual Subscription

    $695 for a six-month subscription or $895 for an annual subscription (best value!) per student provides access to all courses and benefits included in a Monthly Subscription.

    Additionally, annual subscribers will receive two of Doris' books: The Talent Review Meeting Facilitator's Guide and The 30-Minute Guide to Talent and Succession Management...a $75 value at no additional charge!

  • Enterprise Membership

    If you have three or more HR team members in your organization who would like to participate in these e-learning courses, and/or if you would like to use any of the courses or videos to train business leaders, click on the CONTACT US link in the top Menu Bar of this web site to describe your needs and to receive discounted enterprise pricing for multiple course participants.

HRCI and SHRM Pre-Approved Course Bundles

Talent Benchstrength Solutions, LLC is a recognized provider of recertification credits. The HR Certification Institute (HRCI) has pre-approved the Talent Benchstrength Overview Course Bundle (six courses) for 3 (General) credit hours towards an aPHR, aPHRi, PHR, PHRca, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi recertifications. The Project Planning course bundle has been pre-approved for 4.5 educational hours, and the Talent Review Meeting Facilitation course bundle has been HRCI pre-approved for 3 hours.

Talent Benchstrength Solutions, LLC is also a recognized provider of SHRM recertification credits. The Talent Benchstrength Overview Course Bundle is valid for 3 PDCs, the Project Planning course bundle is valid for 4.5 PDCs and the Talent Review Meeting Facilitation course bundle is valid for 3 PDCs for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®. Students must be paid subscribers to receive HRCI or SHRM ongoing educational credits.

Learners must complete each course in a bundle before requesting educational hours by contacting course creator Doris Spies at [email protected]. Credit for the completion of individual courses is not permitted.

Course Instructor

Meet global speaker, consultant, and author Doris Sims Spies!

Founder, Talent Benchstrength Solutions, LLC Doris Sims Spies, SPHR

Hello and welcome to my e-learning course platform! My passion is helping organizations to implement or to enhance their talent benchstrength strategy.

I am the author of multiple books such as: The Talent Review Meeting Facilitator's Guide, The 30-Minute Guide to Talent and Succession Management and Creative Onboarding Programs, and my ideas have been published in other books and periodicals such as Chief Talent Development Officer Magazine, ATD Magazine, and The Talent Management Handbook.

I am an HRCI Approved Provider and certified as an SPHR, with a Master's Degree in Human Resource Development from ISU.

I've facilitated my live 2-day Talent Review-Succession Workshop for more than 10 years in the USA, China, South America and Europe, and I'm pleased to now offer this content to you in an e-learning format!

The most common word that my clients use to describe my talent benchstrength content is: PRACTICAL!

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Interested in Doris' Talent Benchstrength Books?

Annual Subscribers receive these two books as part of their subscription. Monthly Subscribers can also purchase these books either on Doris' web site or on Amazon.

Click the button below to go to Doris' book page, where you can purchase books either from Amazon or directly from Doris. Or, click on the AMAZON logo in the footer of this page to go to Doris' book page on Amazon.

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Only one online talent management-succession system includes Doris' tools!

The Bullseye Engagement online talent management solution has partnered with Doris, embedding her terms, tools and templates directly into their system!


Below are answers to frequently-asked questions, but if you have additional questions, contact instructor Doris Spies at [email protected].

  • We have several people in our organization who would like to take these e-learning courses; can we obtain a group or organizational discount?

    Yes, a discounted Enterprise option is available for groups! Please contact instructor Doris Spies at [email protected] (or scroll down to complete the CONTACT US form) for information about an Enterprise option. The Enterprise option will also enable you to use video content from these courses for business leaders, to prepare them for talent review meetings.

  • How much time will it take me to complete these courses?

    On average, each course is designed to complete in approximately 30 minutes. Therefore, the Overview Courses include 3 hours of online course content, the Project Planning courses include 4.5 hours of online course content, and the Facilitation and Follow-Through courses include 3 hours of online course content.

  • If I need to stop a course before I've finished, will it resume where I left off when I return to the course?

    Yes, every course "remembers" where you left off. When you return to that course, you can choose to resume at that point.

  • Can I obtain HRCI and/or SHRM ongoing educational credit hours for completing courses?

    Talent Benchstrength Solutions, LLC is proud to be an HRCI Pre-Approved Provider and a SHRM Pre-Approved Provider. General ongoing educational HRCI and/or SHRM credit hours are available for each course GROUP.

    Upon completion of the six Talent Benchstrength Overview courses, including all exams, participants can request a certificate for 3 educational hours. The Project Planning courses group are pre-approved for 4.5 general hours, and the Talent Review Meeting Facilitation course group is pre-approved for 3 hours. In total, participants can obtain a total of 10.5 ongoing educational general hours for completing all course groups.

    Participants must complete all courses and exams in each group to be eligible for an HRCI completion certificate partial credit for completing individual courses is not available, because the courses are 30 minutes in length, which is not eligible for HRCI or SHRM ongoing educational credit. Each person who requests HRCI and/or SHRM ongoing educational hours must be an individual paid subscriber under either a monthly, 6-month, annual or enterprise paid subscription.

  • Are these courses available in any country or time zone in the world?

    Yes, students can access their courses on a 24/7 basis and are available in any country. The standard language of the courses is English. In your account settings, you can change the language for web site information but the course videos and content will be in English.

  • If I start off with a monthly subscription but then I decide to purchase an annual subscription, can I apply what I've paid towards a monthly subscription to the annual subscription rate?

    If you decide to upgrade to the annual subscription from a monthly subscription, your current monthly fee will be refunded on a prorated basis, and your new annual subscription will begin. Because the annual subscription is so significantly discounted, any previous monthly subscription amounts already paid will not be applied to your annual subscription.

  • Can I purchase courses individually? Can I be invoiced for payment rather than paying with a credit or debit card?

    No individual pricing is provided for the courses. However, if you would like to access a specific course on an Enterprise basis (i.e. you would like all business leaders or all HR team members to complete a specific e-learning course offered on this platform), please click the CONTACT US link in the top Menu Bar of this website to explain your specific need, and a solution will be provided for you. Invoicing solutions could also be arranged if necessary; click on the CONTACT US link on the top menu bar to request this option.

    If you would prefer to be invoiced for your subscription (rather than paying through credit card through this website) contact [email protected]. Once payment through invoicing is received, the student will have access to all courses and all benefits associated with this course platform.

  • If I subscribe to this e-learning platform and I want to cancel my subscription, what are my options?

    If you have a subscription and you wish to cancel, your current subscription period (the remaining month, 6-month or annual subscription period) will continue to provide access to the courses for you through that remaining time period you have already paid for, and then your subscription will not be renewed for the following subscription period.

    As with any type of online subscription, note that each type of subscription (monthly, six-month and annual subscriptions) will auto-renew at the end of the subscription period. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to track the end of their subscription period and to cancel their subscription in their Profile/Billing settings prior to the end of the subscription period to avoid an auto-renewal of the same subscription period.

  • Will my subscription automatically start after my 3 free trial days? Also, if I have more questions or issues to discuss...who do I contact?

    Yes, after you access the free course (Talent Benchstrength Overview) on this platform, the subscription option you chose will automatically start and your subscription payment will be processed.

    Contact course instructor Doris Sims Spies at [email protected] or complete the CONTACT US form below to submit your question, your feedback and/or your concerns.

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